Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The 4 Stages of Love

Love is a beautiful and insinuating feeling. It isn’t said for nothing that love is blind. Love indeed is blind and if you please to replace the d with a g, love is sometimes bling. Whatever it may be, love is by no means easy. Here are the 4 stages of love usually experienced by the couple that will give you a fair idea –

This is the first and cutest stage of a relationship. When they meet and try to understand each other. There is no pressure of the relationship. You enjoy the friendship and like spending time together. Its more common among school kids. You try to find excuses to sit with that person, walk with that person, talk to that person, etc. It usually happens that the 2 spend more time with each other getting closer as each day passes by. And this stage forms the base because it here that byou understand whether you are compatible with each other or not.

Madly in Love stage
This is the second stage and marks the beginning of a formal relationship. It’s when you understand that you are with the person who likes spending time with. It’s when you know that you you are comfortable with the person you are with. It’s common with college goers. This stage is marked by going out together. Starting to claim your partner as yours! It is common to have that feeling of jealousy at this stage. But it has a joy of its own. A joy that is something similar to that feeling you get after a dose of drugs. Something to remember for life!

Intimacy : After Marriage
The third stage of life is intimacy. Usually, up to a year or 2 after marriage, or in a live in relationship, it occurs. This involves physical intimacy as well. The reason is that it marks absolute comfort with your partner. There is a feeling that you will be together for life and one is not going the leave the other for any reason. Passion is on its height.

Adjustments and Forward look

This is the fourth and the most important stage in a relationship. When you have been together for so long, have understood each other so well that there is no need of telling or signalling your partner what you feel since your partner can read your mind. Rather to be precise, you share the same mind and the state of mind.
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